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Six Weeks Until Day of Miracles!

We are officially six weeks away from our Day of Miracles on WTOL Channel 11. Each week leading up to the event, we will announce one of our spotlight miracle stories. Our first spotlight story will be Xavier!

Xavier was born at 36 weeks due to mom having preeclampsia. After being in the NICU for 5 days being observed, mom was able to bring him home. Right when he arrived home, he started vomiting a lot and there was old blood in it.  He was soon hospitalized for vomiting and failure to gain weight. They thought he may be allergic to Dairy. Then around month later, he was having weight gaining problems still. He was hospitalized again and that is when he started seeing Dr. Naddaf.  An upper GI determined that he had extreme acid reflux.

Dr. Naddaf inserted an endoscope through Xavier’s mouth into his esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. The final diagnoses is esophageal stricture, which is caused by his extreme acid reflux. He has already had one upper GI every couple weeks.  When his esophageal stricture heals, he will have stomach surgery to help with acid reflux.  But for now, he is fed through a feeding tube. He is a very happy baby that still smiles through it all.

Learn more about Xavier’s story on March 21st, only on WTOL Channel 11.