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OilerTHON named Community Service Based Program of the Year by University of Findlay

On April 16, 2018 at The University of Findlay’s annual University Awards Ceremony, University of Findlay Miracle Network Dance Marathon aka OilerTHON was named Community Service Based Program of the year. This past year OilerTHON raised over $40,000 for Mercy Health Children’s Hospital, the highest they have raised in the history of their program.

Alysa Martin, was also recognized at the award ceremony for being the top fundraiser. She raised over $1,800 for OilerTHON this year. Alysa had this to say when announcing she had received this award “Four and a half years ago, I walked into OilerTHON (then called FindlayDM) an hour late with no idea what to expect. At the end of the event I still had not fundraised a single dollar, but when I met those kids and saw that $22,250.44 raised up on that stage… I felt something I had never felt before. And I knew I wanted to be apart of this crazy movement FTK. I signed up the next day to be on the committee the following year and since then I am a completely changed person. Today, I stood on stage at our Annual University Awards Ceremony as the TOP fundraiser for 2017’s OilerTHON with a total of $1830.29 raised in just 3 short months. From a $0 dancer, to a Comma Club Member, to Kalie’s Club and Top Fundraiser— and soon to be completing my rotations with the hospital I have grown to love so much this coming year, this has been a wonderful journey For The Kids and For Kalie.”

Mercy Health Children’s Hospital is extremely proud to be partnered with this wonderful organization. We cannot wait to see what other miracles they are able to make in the fall.