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Miracle Monday – Meet Marcus!

Today we would like to introduce you to the first of our new 2020 Mercy Health – Children’s Hospital Champions, Marcus!

In common sports terms, Marcus’s story would qualify him for the comeback player of the year! Marcus proved resilient indeed after being randomly assaulted with a baseball bat and suffering from severe brain damage. After enduring time in a coma and having major surgery due to bleeding and swelling, he has persevered and overcome so much. Minimal activity and reliance on a vent were expected, however after time to heal and great determination, Marcus slowly progressed from the coma to a vegetative state to being minimally conscious. His family was told that is was likely that Marcus would be paralyzed on the right side. Now, a year later after seven long months of hospital stays and rehab, he is home. He communicates, goes to school and is even able to walk a short distance with help. Though he has limitations, his right side is not paralyzed! His family’s number one wish was for him to feel joy, love and happiness – and he is there!

Marcus continues to inspire us all everyday as he overcomes obstacles, no seventeen year old should ever  have to face.  Together we can Change Kids’ Health. Change the future.