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Miracle Monday… Meet Kallie

Kallie was born with multiple medical conditions and has been hospitalized at Mercy Health – Children’s Hospital many times. At two days old, she had emergency surgery to place a colostomy. They had planned to spend months in the NICU, but Mercy’s amazing NICU nurses had other plans for Kallie. They taught Kallie’s parents how to care for her colostomy, what to watch for when it came to her heart, also how to place a feeding tube, as she would be going home with one. Within 16 days, Kallie was released from the NICU and got to go home. Although she has had many stays at Mercy Health – Children’s Hospital, Kallie has always come out stronger than ever and the family says they owe that to the doctors an nurses at Mercy Health, who care for  her as if she was their own.