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Meet Miss Kyra…Mercy Children’s Speedway Miracle Child

Kyra might look familiar if you have stopped at a Speedway in Northwest Ohio recently. That is why we have decided to share her story from her mother’s point of view.

“Our Story starts with our son that was born at 27 weeks back on July 9th, 2011.  He fought for 30 days in the NICU at Mercy Children’s.  He was also transferred for a couple days to U of M in Ann Arbor for surgery to close his PDA due to a grade 2 bleed in his head.  After the surgery, he was transferred back to Mercy.  He was doing good and started to have seizures and ended up passing away on August 12th, 2011.

Once we found out we were pregnant with Kyra, Amber’s doctor did all the precautions during the pregnancy with progesterone shots, ultrasounds every couple weeks, and steroid shots for lung development. After our 20 week ultrasound once we found out we were having a girl, they noticed that Amber started to funnel.  They immediately took her in to have a cerclage inserted.  Amber then took her Strep B test and was negative for it.  Then on May 21st Kyra was born around 6 at night.  After a couple hours and everyone left Amber and I noticed her breathing different and couldn’t calm her down, so we had the special care nurses take her to clean her up and look her over.  After a little bit we were brought so devastating news that she would have to be life lighted to Mercy Children’s for care in the NICU.  In the middle of the night the NICU crew came and got her and after talking to them they remember us from Cameron. We had no idea what to expect and all we could think about was what we went through with Cameron just 2 years earlier.  Amber was released from the hospital first thing in the morning and we headed up to Toledo to find out what was going on and the NICU team told us that she had GBS pneumonia and everything was looking good and had 14 days of meds.  On the 14th day we were able to take her home!”